mowing farm robot / autonomous / solar-powered / vineyard


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    autonomous, solar-powered, vineyard


VITIROVER works in complete solar autonomy.
Each robot is equipped with photovoltaic cells that allow it, in average sunlight, to direct the collected electricity to its engines and send the surplus energy collected to Lithium.
Given its speed of 500 m / hour, VITIROVER will mow an acre of vines in 60 hours
Each winemaker can use VITIROVER without even learning before the first use.
VITIROVER comes with a really-easy-to-use and scalable Smartphone application, which works on iPhone, BlackBerry and Android, as well as on most smartphones and can also be used on the winemaker's computer.
Downloading the application is very quick and simple
When the winemakers desire to recover their VITIROVER, a push on the phone's button allows them to localize the robot in the plot and call it like he would call a dog, to which we would say:"Foot!".
All VITIROVER robots come with the GPS coordinates of each plots of the respective property.
The mere fact of placing the robot VITIROVER at the edge of a plot, makes it immediately recognize the plot in question by its name (which is programmed in the phone) and its GPS coordinates (which allows it to immediately start working, without passing into the neighboring plot, falling into a ditch or crossing a road).
Each grower has the ability to optimize its own plots as they wish for their VITIROVER (i.e. adding a space that should not be mowed or notifying the robot regarding a hole, a pit, or an obstacle to be avoided).


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