mounted shredder / PTO-driven
SAMSON Weremczuk FMR Sp. z o.o.



  • Mounting:


  • Other characteristic:


  • Cutting width:

    85, 48, 60

  • Tractor power:

    Min.: 60 ch (60 hp)

    Max.: 100 ch (100 hp)


SAMSON is designed to clean-up and preparation the berry-bush plantations for new plantings. Precision and efficiency in slashing and shredding the old roots of currants, aronia and raspberries and mixing them with soil. Before using roots shredder destroy ground-part of old bush plantation. Innovative solutions, robust and durable construction. Suitable for use in hard field conditions. Available versions: SAMSON for currants and raspberries and SAMSON DUO for currants, raspberries and aronia.
Available version:
SAMSON 48 – The narrowest model of the machine designed to currant and raspberry plantations, suitable for the tractor with the power min 60 HP.SAMSON 48 has the one-sided mechanic drive at PTO speed 540 r.p.m.
SAMSON DUO 60 –is designed to shred the old roots of currants, raspberries and aronia. It is suitable for tractor with power min 80 HP. SAMSON DUO 60 is fitted with the two-sided mechanic drive. PTO speed 540 r.p.m. or 1000 r.p.m.

SAMSON DUO 85 - is the widest model of the roots shredders made by WEREMCZUK. It guarantees effective work on currant, raspberries and aronia plantations. It is intended to work with the tractors with 100 HP power. It has the two-sided mechanic drive at PTO speed 1000 r.p.m.
All models are equipped with strong and hard blades made of high-quality steel, durable transmission with power reserve and driving belts, which protect the machine and the tractor from demage.