soilless system

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soilless system soilless system


Growing in a greenhouse is not an efficient solution for some crops. By growing on multiple layers one above the other you can make much more efficient use of your space. What’s more, conditions in these cells can be finely tuned right down to four decimal places.
No daylight, higher production
The great advantage of WPS is that we deliver turnkey solutions: climate cells, an integrated system with multiple growing layers and LED lighting in one, supplied in close collaboration with our trusted partners. So all components work in perfect harmony with each other.
Growing without daylight boosts production and plant quality. Not least because climate control is fully integrated into the system. Fluctuations in temperature, humidity or other factors are a thing of the past. What’s more, this is a sustainable concept. The excess heat generated by the cell can be used elsewhere.
Connects to internal transport systems
Another benefit of WPS: you get immediate access to any system for delivering finished products via internal transport installations. We can also handle the integration if you wish.