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portable sprayer / battery-powered / disinfection
portable sprayer

Capacity: 15 l

Knapsack Sprayer The Knapsack Sprayer is our all-rounder. As opposed to many competing products, the Knapsack Sprayer provides some compelling advantages. Of particular note is the replaceable ...

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ME International Installation GmbH
pushed sprayer / small farm / horticulture / thermal
pushed sprayer
W Series

Capacity: 25 l

Use The W25 power sprayers are equipped by a two piston brass pump which grants correct pressure and output flow for all the type of cultivations. Description It has a translucent polyethylene tank with a capacity ...

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FABER TECNOSPRAY di Ing. Fabrizio Bertani
wheeled sprayer / pushed / thermal
wheeled sprayer
KSP 257 P1

Capacity: 100 l

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wheeled sprayer / garden / electric
wheeled sprayer
M20015 series

Capacity: 20 l

Euro Spray has the tank capability 20 Lt, it can be combined with following engines: single-cylinder combustion engine 2 stroke TU 26, single-cylinder combustion Honda 4-stroke engine GX25 or even with electric motor powered by 12 V battery ...

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folding arms sprayer / hooded / 3-point hitch
folding arms sprayer

Capacity: 300 gal
Working width: 30'00", 40'00"

... Broadcast Hooded Sprayer with Over-Center Fold showcases a new and simple design that offers the same great drift protection and spraying accuracy. Just like its 642 companion, the 642E is ideal for spraying field borders ...

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Willmar Fabrication, LLC
3-point hitch sprayer / folding arms / pneumatic
3-point hitch sprayer
PS- series

Capacity: 600, 800, 1,000 l
Working width: 16 m

Our Pulverizers Sunn Pest, are ready for every kind of circumstance with you by maintaining more performance, productivity and and fertility than ever before with its easy usage and easy care specifications. The tank, which is produced ...

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wheeled sprayer / pushed / with combustion engine
wheeled sprayer

Capacity: 200 l

wheeled sprayer / pushed / pneumatic
wheeled sprayer

Capacity: 50 l

Standard features Frame in steel, polyester powder painting. Foldable arms. Tank in polyethylene. Filter in tank opening. Pneumatic wheels. Rims of wheels in nylon with bearings. Included accessories: 10 metres of pipe. Spraygun ...

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3-point hitch sprayer / folding arms / wide
3-point hitch sprayer
FS series

Capacity: 400, 600, 800, 1,000 l
Working width: 10, 12, 16 m

FIELD TYPE SPRAYER Hisarlar Field Type Sprayers are that agricultural protection machines with the 3 point linkage to the tractor, folding booms, hydraulic and manual boom control. -The wide range ...

mounted agricultural atomizer / for viticulture / for arboriculture
mounted agricultural atomizer
DEDALO series

Capacity: 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 l

Steel frame atomizer sturdy galvanized, polyethylene tank that drains completely, comes equipped with tank-level indicator (visible from the driver's seat). The galvanized fan unit with nine blades comes with in-line oil-cooled gears ...

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portable sprayer / with piston pump
portable sprayer

Capacity: 1.4 l

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self-propelled sprayer / folding arms
self-propelled sprayer
Uniport 2500 Star

Capacity: 2,500 l
Working width: 28 m

Uniport 2500 Star is the sprayer for farmers seeking comfort, spraying quality, productivity and excellent cost-benefit relationship. With 8,100 kg and 10-speed transmission, it is a light and comfortable sprayer. ...

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Jacto Inc.
trailed agricultural atomizer / for row crops
trailed agricultural atomizer

Capacity: 600 l - 2,000 l

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tractor-mounted sprayer / for viticulture / for orchards
tractor-mounted sprayer

Capacity: 300, 400, 500, 600 l

The Eco P series for focused treatments is ideal for small and medium-sized farms thanks to a wide range of available accessories: horizontal spray booms of various widths, booms for inter-row and vineyard spraying, spraying machines, ...

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NOBILI SpA - Costr.Meccaniche per l'Agricoltura
mounted sprayer / pull-type / garden
mounted sprayer
Has b

Capacity: 800 l
Working width: 50 m

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mounted sprayer / with piston pump
mounted sprayer

Capacity: 1,000 l
Working width: 15 m

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Karaoglu Ziraat Aletleri A.S
tractor-mounted agricultural atomizer / for row crops / for orchards / centrifugal
tractor-mounted agricultural atomizer
TLE , TFL Series, PTN series

Capacity: 200 l - 1,200 l

TLE & TFL Series Strong fibreglass calibrated tanks. In 200-400-600-800lt capacity. PTN series Polyethylene available in 200-400-600-800-1000-1200lt capacity, with handwashing and circuit flush tank. Bertolini high pressure diaphragm ...

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self-propelled sprayer / for rice fields / folding arms
self-propelled sprayer

Capacity: 400 l
Working width: 3.7 m

⊙ Environmental friendly farming is possible through spraying nutritious supplements, microscopic organisms and pyroligneous liquor. ⊙ The spraying may be done by one person. No supplementary manpower is required. ⊙ Since spraying is ...

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Asia Technology Co., Ltd.
horticulture sprayer / pushed / with combustion engine
horticulture sprayer
A 75

Capacity: 75 l

Wheelbarrow sprayer -75 l transparent plastic tank -Removable 4.5 litre fresh water tank with spout -4-cycle gas engine Honda (2.9 kW/4.0 PS) -4 selectable operating pressures (6/12/18/25 bar) -Weight: 46 kg -Optimal ...

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Birchmeier Sprühtechnik AG
trailed sprayer / folding arms / adjustable ground clearance
trailed sprayer

Capacity: 2,300 l - 4,600 l
Working width: 14 m - 24 m

... Thanks to this, the sprayers of this series are durable, reliable, and their operation is simple and safe. The choice of Pelican sprayer is a guarantee of long-term operation and precision of the performed ...

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garden sprayer / with diaphragm pump / pushed / thermal
garden sprayer

Capacity: 100, 200 l

... engine or electrical motor can be applied • 22 lt. piston pump or LSN-30 membrane pump can be applied. • 15 lt. hose and sprayer gun is standard. Optional Features; • Hose rolling aparatus can be fixed. Are Of ...

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mounted sprayer / for viticulture
mounted sprayer

Capacity: 34 l

wheeled sprayer / air-assisted / electrostatic / for greenhouse
wheeled sprayer

Capacity: 5 gal

- Includes 1 MaxCharge™ air-assisted electrostatic spraygun, 2-headed option available - 220 volt 50/60 Hertz, 3 HP electric motor - Spray up to 40,000 sq ft/hr - Pull by hand or tow with a small vehicle - Compatible with all conventional, ...

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Electrostatic Spraying Systems
mounted sprayer / folding arms
mounted sprayer

Capacity: 1,000 l
Working width: 18 m - 24 m

... to a conventional sprayer with a tank size between 4 – and 6.000 liters. Furthermore the sprayer has a significant lower weight and can therefore easily work in wetland areas, which would not be possible ...

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Danfoil a/s
trailed sprayer / for viticulture / pneumatic
trailed sprayer

Working width: 2,300, 2,500 mm

The GSG over-row fan sprayers are a new range in the field of plant protection. They are fitted with hydraulically driven cross-current fans. With the 2, 3 and 4-row machines, a new configuration of the fans and a recycling ...

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