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grain dryer / tower
SUP series

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grain dryer / tower grain dryer / tower - SUP series


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SUP type drying units are intended for medium and large farms as well as grain storage bases.
These units operate on the basis of vacuum effects. They are equipped with high-performance axial suction fans mounted on the back of the dryer column. They are intended for the drying of all types of grain for consumption and feed, rape, corn, buckwheat, barley, sunflower, seeds and legumes.
The modular, self-supporting structure includes a charge chamber, a drying segment assembly, a cooling segment assembly, and a collection chamber. The design of the SUP drying unit ensures high effectiveness thanks to the even flow of the dried material through the column and the optimal distribution of drying air stream. This allowed for the mitigation of water vapour condensation in the column.
The drying unit is made of galvanized sheets with or without the addition of aluminium alloys. The control system includes a power cabinet with a microprocessor controller, the controller software, an assembly of charge and temperature sensors and electrical installation. This allows for the continuous operation of the device in fully automated mode. The drying unit may cooperate both with an air heating oven and a heat exchanger, allowing for the separation of flue gases from the drying medium. Grain dried in this way meets EU and HACCP standards for consumption material. A heat exchanger allows the usage of 100% of the heating energy for drying through switching the burning chamber from exchange heating into direct heating.

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