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cattle lick block / with trace elements / vitamins / proteins
Welmin Optimate Omega 3 Energy & Protein Block



  • Animal type:

    for cattle

  • Composition:

    with trace elements, vitamins, proteins

  • Other characteristics:

    to improve fertility


Welmin Optimate Omega 3 Energy & Protein is a new feed block for milking cows and all young stock over 200kgs.

It is a unique feed block containing high levels of omega 3 salmon oil with protein from multiple sources, protected protein from protected soya and extra protein from the added yeast, together with good levels of trace elements and vitamins.
Feeding omega 3 fatty acids contained in fish oil to breeding stock has the potential to improve fertility, reduce embryo loss and enhance general health and appearance of the cows.
For young animals the benefits will be a stronger immune system with improved health and thrive and a noticeable shine to the animal coat.
When fed at grass the high energy levels allow the animal to utilise the high protein in fresh grass.

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