pneumatic seed drill / 3-point hitch / compact / with disc harrow



  • Seed distribution:


  • Other characteristics:

    3-point hitch, compact, with disc harrow

  • Working width:

    Max.: 9 m (29'06")

    Min.: 3 m (9'10")


The PÖTTINGER TERRASEM mulch drilling concept combines soil cultivation, re-consolidation and planting in a single machine. The effective compact disc harrow, unique tyre packer and perfect coulter design deliver optimum results.
With a two-row, low-draft disc harrow

The maintenance-free, rubber-mounted discs loosen and mix the soil. An ideally structured layer of fine soil is created at seed level.


As performed by the combined packer/chassis unit

The chassis with its wide 425/55 R17 tyres consolidates the area of 4 seed rows at a time ahead of the drilling coulters. The flexing characteristics of the tyres promote self-cleaning and improve the fine structure of the tilth. The machine is supported by all wheels at headlands when raised out of work. The chassis frame always remains in the same position; only the disc harrow and coulter rails are lifted.