milking pump / metering / peristaltic
ALD Series



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    metering, peristaltic


In addition to a comprehensive range of peristaltic pumps, Ambic has a wide range of single and dual dispensing pump assemblies which are available to suit a variety of applications, such as dosing chemicals (e.g acid and alkaline) for milking machine or bulk tank cleaning and/or rinsing. The dispensing pump assemblies are also suitable for laundry and ware washing applications.

The range includes both low and high volume single or dual pump assemblies with 12V DC motors. In addition to ‘push button’ manual control, a range of automated dosing models are available, including assemblies with speed, time or conductivity control options.

Low Volume Twin Dispensing Pump Assemblies are available with 24 / 230V AC inputs and are designed as multi-functional units which are able to dispense any two chemicals such as acid and alkaline detergents or wash and rinse solutions.

Dispensing of chemical can be controlled by time, speed or conductivity. Dispensing of rinse solution can be controlled by time or speed.

The module also includes a cyclic top up feature which enables rinse solutions to be topped up automatically at regular intervals during the rinse cycle.

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