chaser bin / tracked / sugar beet / 35 ton



  • Construction:

    chaser bin

  • Number of axles:


  • Application:

    sugar beet

  • Payload:

    35 ton

  • Other characteristic:



Streamline Your Beet Harvest with the New Sugar Beet Cart!

New for 2015, the Sugar Beet Cart from Amity Technology fits any operation and unlocks profit potential that is lost with the competition. This new cart boasts a 35-ton (32 MT/48m3) capacity that keeps your harvester running at maximum capacity, even in the most difficult harvesting conditions. The large tracks on the Amity Sugar Beet Cart provide reduced compaction and increased carrying capacity, and with unloading times of 6 to 30 tons (5 to 27 MT) per minute (depending on truck height and available hydraulics), it can quickly dump into a truck or build a clamp. Keep your harvester running and add efficiency to your harvest with the Sugar Beet Cart from Amity Technology!