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Autosampler for Ampha Z32 Pollen Analyzer

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pollen analyzer pollen analyzer - Autosampler for Ampha Z32 Pollen Analyzer


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Save Time — Automate Your Routine Analysis
Increase your efficiency by automating sample loading for the Ampha Z32. With the Autosampler you can increase your throughput by up to 50%. The fully automated procedure can help you process 192 samples per run and includes sample loading, measuring and data recording.

Consistent Results
The Autosampler was designed to comply with our customer‘s needs. A proprietary air resuspension feature enables a homogeneous distribution of particles for the measurement. This feature is crucial for an accurate analysis of quickly sedimenting cells, such as pollen.

High Flexibility
- Process 1 - 192 samples
- Wash options include liquid flush or air bubble purge to minimize cross contamination
- Select your preferred type of 96 deep-well plate