dump trailer / 3-axle / sugar beet / vegetable
FieldLiner HTS 31.06



  • Construction:


  • Number of axles:


  • Application:

    sugar beet, vegetable, potato, onion, for bale, silage

  • Payload:

    18 ton, 20 ton

  • Other characteristic:

    tipping, self-unloading, push-off, moving floor


The ANNABURGER FieldLiner – the state-of-the-art transfer vehicle for transferring grass and maize silage at the field edge or silo.
Biogas plant operators and contractors are facing the challenge of covering ever greater transport distances from the field to the silo or biogas plant. This requires a vehicle that can hold a huge loading volume and discharge it quickly at the field edge or silo. The FIELDLINER can be used as both a standard silage trailer and as a transfer vehicle for transferring material at the field edge.
The FieldLiner – one vehicle for combined use: For transferring material at the field edge and for direct transport to the silo.