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acidifier feed additive / poultry / pig / fish
Salgard Liquid

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acidifier feed additive / poultry / pig / fish acidifier feed additive / poultry / pig / fish - Salgard Liquid


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    poultry, pig, fish

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Salgard is an effective Acid Based Eubiotic (ABE) consisting of formic and propionic acid. Formulated on Anpario’s unique mineral carrier system, specifically chosen for its robust physical and chemical properties, to ensure controlled acid delivery throughout the feed manufacture process, defending finished feed from potential pathogens, such as Salmonella spp.
Controlled acid release throughout the gastro-intestinal tract can help the animal to quickly develop a balanced gut microbiota within the early stages of life, leading to optimum animal performance.

Licensed for use as part of a feed mill flush procedure as a bacterial decontaminating agent, including but not limited to Salmonella spp.
Defends the integrity of gastrointestinal tract and promotes development of optimum gut microbiota.
Helps maintain a healthy animal and assists the animal to achieve its genetic potential.