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flatbed trailer / tandem axle / agricultural / for bale



  • Construction:


  • Number of axles:

    tandem axle

  • Application:

    agricultural, for bale


A one person loading, hauling and unloading system for large round bales of hay, straw, corn stalks or bean stubble. The Buffalo Quarter-Turn Arm is key to faster, more efficient and gentler bale loading.

Available in four models: 26' single row, 41' single row, 34' double row and 41' double row
Can carry 5-6 bales (26’ model), 7-10 bales (41’ model) or 10-14 bales (double row models)
All Quarter-Turn Arm operations are controlled from the tractor seat, utilizing one hydraulic lever
Quarter-Turn arm gently lifts the bale then swings it for loading elliminating damage from sliding the bale.
Heavy-duty steel construction provides exceptional value and longevity
On-the-go bale pickup possible at approximately 3 mph
Highly maneuverable with ample clearance for crossing road ditches, terraces, etc.
Dual remote hydraulics required - one system for the Quarter-Turn Arm and the other for the deck chain