stainless steel roofing panel / farm building / corrugated



  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Application:

    farm building

  • Other characteristics:



Magnelis® is an exceptional metallic coating which provides a breakthrough in corrosion protection.
Magnelis® is used in a variety of agricultural applications due to its excellent corrosion resistance in highly alkaline atmospheres (pH between 10 and 13) and those rich in ammonia.

Magnelis® poles are at least 20% more cost-effective than wood and galvanized poles and can perform over the total lifetime of the vines.
Magnelis® is eco-friendly and reduces zinc runoff to soil considerably compared to post-galvanised products.

Magnelis® offers excellent corrosion resistance in this application due to its very dense protective layer. In addition to its excellent formability, Magnelis® also provides a high level of corrosion resistance on deformed parts.

Animal housing
Magnelis® coated profiles and tubes are the ideal answer to guarantee the durability of these structures. Magnelis® reduces the risk of corrosion and disease as bacteria have no corrosive areas in which to hide.
Thanks to its high surface hardness Magnelis® is also better at resisting animal scratches. Magnelis® also eliminates the need for post-painting, and can replace stainless steel or aluminium.

Magnelis® offers excellent outdoor corrosion protection for silos, wherever they are located.
The hard surface of Magnelis® also reduces the abrasive effect of grain on the coating.
Magnelis® is suitable for food contact applications such as the interiors of fermentation silos and meets the requirements of European regulation EC 1935/2004.