flatbed trailer / 2-axle / equipment

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flatbed trailer / 2-axle / equipment flatbed trailer / 2-axle / equipment


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Wagons and trailers, single and tandem axles
The trailer is extremely well built with a massive main beam (heavy wall structural steel tubing) running the full length of the trailer. This supports a heavy framework of structural steel tubing which easily supports the full weight of the load.

17 ton wagon
The 17 ton wagon was designed specifically for use with forage boxes. Miller Pro has designed this wagon to accept large tires, such as 4.45 x 22.5 super single truck tires, while still keeping the majority of the tire under the forage box and maintaining an impressive 56 degree turning radius. Riser kits are not needed with this wagon!

15 ton receiver box trailer
Miller Pro has designed a tandem axle trailer to be used with receiver boxes. This system is a great way to transport forage quickly and smoothly through fields while placing no twisting strain at all on the forage box while going through waterways and field approaches. In normal field conditions, it is possible to go a gear or two faster than with a conventional steerable wagon!