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Digiclim NG

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fan controller fan controller - Digiclim NG


Management more effective and ergonomic of your farm ventilation.

Ventilation management


Digiclim NG controls indoor and outdoor temperature in livestock buildings. The setpoint temperature is programmable and adaptable for every room.

Hygrometric sensor

This sensor, installed in option, detect a decreases in atmosphere quality and immediatetly fix

CO2 sensor

With the CO2 sensor it is possible to measured the CO2 volume in a room and fixes it immediately to keep an ideal ambient for the animals.

Ammoniac sensor

Ventilation steering


Digiclim NG is fully tactile. It's easy to use and intuitive.


Centrally-managed on PC, tablet, smartphone and compatible with the previous Digiclim system

Internet connexion

The internet access allows to analyze the ventilation and the ambient quality in real time. The remote access make your work more convenient !

Rooms control

New: Digiclim NG controls the electric consumption of a room with an electric meter. It's possible to connect the water meter and have the electric consumption for each room.

Water spray

Digiclim NG ensure you the water spray management and it's programmable by room.