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low-profile tractor / hydrostatic / compact / isodiametric
Valiant V650 MT



  • Type:


  • Transmission:


  • Other characteristic:

    compact, isodiametric, with cab, 3-point hitch

  • Engine power:

    41 kW (56 hp)


Isodiametric tractors, reversible, with steering wheels configured in haymaking version. 56 HP

The Valiant V650 MT are tractors with steering wheels made in the version for mowing fodder, especially in sloping areas.

The structure is characterized by a low centre of gravity for maximum stability on slopes without sacrificing the ground clearance for a rational flow of the mowed fodder under the machine.

To help heat disposal, the cooling system is supported by the Self Cleaning System which allows the engine and hydraulic system to always operate within the maximum safety margin.

The Dual Floating System optimizes the load on the ground of the equipment applied to the third point, promoting its 'floating'.

Particular attention has been paid to the driver’s comfort: 4 post rops and approved cabins make for a practical and comfortable driving experience.

The Valiant V650 are mounting a 3-cylinder, VM engine with direct injection developing 56 HP.

The EGR System located inside the engine allows to reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxides and fuel consumption.

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