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cows milking liner / round

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cows milking liner / round cows milking liner / round


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Unleash milk production potential with MegaFlow Liners.

MegaFlow liners are the perfect companion to the BECO high capacity milking system.
However, the MegaFlow 2000 liners can be adapted to just about any claw and milking system so it is not necessary to install the entire BECO system.

High producing
cows need high
capacity milking
Today's high producing cows with high flow rates need a high capacity milking system to efficiently harvest all they are capable of producing.
A liner so unique that it has been awarded four US Patents
to view the four U.S. patents click here for Patent 1, here for Patent 2, here for Patent 3, and here for Patent 4
Features & Benefits

- The larger milk tubes help milk to quickly be transferred from the liner to the claw body thus reducing liner flooding.

- The 1/4” longer chamber helps liner collapse below teat rather than above it allowing for a more complete massage.

- Thinner liner wall is softer and gentle with a very low collapse force.

- With 2,400 mikings or 30 days (which ever comes first) the MegaFlow 2000 liner has one of longest life’s of any rubber liner.

- Available in either a vented or non-vented version.