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mounted sprayer / for greenhouse
Meto transport trolley

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mounted sprayer / for greenhouse mounted sprayer / for greenhouse - Meto transport trolley


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Meto Transport trolley
The Meto Transport trolley has been specially designed for moving the Meto Spray robot automatically from path to path. If you use the Meto Spray robot in combination with the Meto Transport trolley, then you no longer need to be in the greenhouse while spraying. This means that the crop can be sprayed fully automatically.

It is very simple to operate the computer-driven Meto Transport trolley. It has the same control panel as the Meto spray trolley, it is fitted with watertight touch controls, it is compact and neat.

Various settings can be entered to suit the user's requirements. For example, it is possible to skip one or more paths.

The Meto Transport trolley is equipped with a hose reel which can be connected to the high pressure line or a spray tanker. The hose will automatically retract or unwind with the Meto Transport trolley while moving.

Fault messages
The Transport trolley can be fitted with a fault or SMS alarm. The fault alarm can be connected to your own alarm or your semaphore. The SMS alarm sends you a text message in the event of a fault.