chick pan feeder / plastic / multi-access

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chick pan feeder / plastic / multi-access chick pan feeder / plastic / multi-access - ChickNic


  • Animal type:

    for chicks

  • Material:


  • Other characteristic:


  • Capacity (l):

    5 l, 10 l, 15 l (1.3 gal)

  • Capacity (kg):

    10 kg (22.05 lb)


The feed pan with a large storage container for successful broiler growing
ChickNic is a new feed pan developed by Big Dutchman that features a large feed storage container. Using this feed pan is especially advantageous in regions where power failures are not uncommon.

Due to the pan’s maximum volumetric capacity of 15 litres, the negative consequences of a power failure can be avoided for up to 12 hours. The birds receive sufficient quantities of feed during this time without suffering performance losses, and you can relax and wait until the power is back on. The storage container is then refilled automatically.

Main advantages
-with a storage volume of 15 litres (approx. 10 kg of feed), feed supply is secured even during longer power failures;
-the amount of feed to be stored can be adjusted in three steps: 5 L, 10 L or 15 L;
-the fill level is easy to monitor due to the transparent storage container;
-a 360° flooding mechanism ensures a high feed level, which is ideal for dayold chicks;
-the clever pan design reduces feed wastage;
-the feed level is easy to adjust by turning the dish;
-our tried and tested AugerMatic system fills the pans automatically;
-ChickNic is also available as standalone solution, allowing manual filling of the storage container;
-a screwless snap-on system guarantees easy and simple assembly;
-ChickNic is made of high-quality plastic for a long service life.

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