poultry pan feeder / plastic / multi-access / floor-mounted
Fluxx 330, Fluxx 360



  • Animal type:

    for poultry

  • Material:


  • Other characteristic:

    multi-access, floor-mounted, circular


Feed pans for successful broiler feeding
The Big Dutchman FLUXX feed pan is one of the leading feeding systems for successful broiler production. FLUXX not only satisfies the needs of day-old chicks, but also those of heavy birds in the final grow-out phase. Its many advantages truly make the FLUXX broiler feeding system a must-have for professional broiler growers worldwide. The advantages at a glance.

The innovative 360° flooding mechanism ensures a high feed level in the entire pan to make the feed more accessible for day-old chicks – without extra work for the grower. As the birds grow, the entire feed line is raised, which causes the flooding mechanism to close, thus decreasing the feed level inside the pan. This reduces feed wastage to an absolute minimum. Baffles at the outer cylinder of the pan additionally prevent feed wastage as they keep the birds from pushing feed out of the pan. There are different models of FLUXX available to provide the right feed pan for every producer:

with a diameter of 330 or 360 mm;
FLUXX 330 with 5-arm or 14-arm grill;
FLUXX 360 with 8-arm or 16-arm grill;
with deep pan or corrugated bottom;
with or without shut-off.

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