hopper seed drill / 3-point hitch / tractor-mounted



  • Seed distribution:


  • Other characteristics:

    tractor-mounted, 3-point hitch

  • Working width:

    48 in


•Productivity – Simultaneously plant two seed types at two different depths in one pass.
•Precision Metering - Precisely measure out seeds, reducing waste, plus enjoy the durability of metal (not plastic) meters.
•Versatility - Handle a wide range of seeds from Black-eyed Susan to corn. See our Planting Guide.
•Maneuverability - Easily weave into narrow spaces and make tight turns to plant areas that may not be accessible with a larger tractor and planter.
•Durability - Expect years of work from a rugged, Grade 80 steel body.
•The calibration system includes seed charts, a calibration tray and crank for accurate seed rates.
•Windowed seed cups and clear PVC tubes allow you to easily monitor the flow of seeds.
•A quick and easy disconnect – pull a pin and one or both seed boxes stop to make it a tilling tool for preparing the ground. Till your seed bed, then replace the pin and engage the seeding function for a final pass.

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