grain combine harvester / drum threshing
TUCANO 450-320



  • Crop type:


  • Threshing technology:

    drum threshing

  • Grain capacity:

    10,000 l (2,641.72 gal)


Time to grow.
Healthy growth is the basis of every successful harvest. It was with this principle in mind that we developed the TUCANO. As well as growing to incorporate the intelligence and comfort of the large combine segment, it has a design which immediately announces a new dimension of excellence and gives you the capacity you need for the future: Time to grow.
From steep slopes to sudden rain showers, nature can always be counted on to come up with new challenges. With its MONTANA technology and DYNAMIC POWER, the TUCANO is ready to face them all. The new control concept is more intelligent and user-friendly, the power has been increased and the line-up expanded.
It's the natural choice.
How you benefit.
The new control concept with direct adjustment and touch-capable CEBIS
The grain tank capacity of up to 10,000 litres reduces offloading frequency in the field while the high offloading rate reduces the time to empty the tank. Together, these characteristics considerably increase your daily output
MONTANA axles with new front axle and powerful ground drive