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automatic pot filling machine / manual



  • Type:

    automatic, manual

  • Capacity (pots/hour):

    Min.: 1,000 p/h

    Max.: 3,500 p/h


Electronic controlled potting machine to fill plastic pots automatically loaded from the feeding belt into the pots destacker. Machine adjustments made by means of a control panel equipped with a color touch-screen display, intuitive and fast without machine stop. The versatile programming and easy ofadjustments allows the operator to adapt the machine to different pot sizes, quickly. A double pot IVS 5Ed version is available (optional).

Few automatic settings:
- Working speed: it adjust and controls automatically the peat amount, the potting speed, the speed of manual transplanting belt and all connected devices speed.
- Operating mode: 8-16 potting stations.
- Cleaning out prom peat excess: by means of a rotating paddle with adjustable speed.
- Dibbling: automatic setting of the hole's depth and dibbling time, speed and rotating direction of the drill. Standard equipment includes n. 7 drill sizes.

The machine holds acoustic alarms to alert the operator in case the pot of the peat are going to finish so that empty working is avoided, as well the pot failure to get into turning station.