mounted fertilizer spreader / solid / double-disc / professional
S 24 M - S 24 E



  • Mounting:


  • Fertilizer type:


  • Other characteristic:

    double-disc, professional

  • Capacity:

    Min.: 900 l (237.8 gal)

    Max.: 2,000 l (528.3 gal)


Professional fertilizer spreader.

It is suitable for the distribution of chemical, granulated, powdery and pellets fertilizer.

It is able to reach a maximum working width of 24 mt.

Hopper from 900 to 2000 litres.

The spreading disc, vanes, agitators, housing and opening plates are made of stainless steel in order to ensure a long-service life.

Due to the corrosive products used, every component of the machine has been treated and painted before being assembly.