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field testing seed counter field testing seed counter - S-JR
  • Field testing seed counter


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Our seed counting machine S-JR is specifically designed for the needs of plant breeders, trial managers, and lab scientists in agricultural research. Highly accurate seed counting during setup and collection are critical to the reliability of agricultural field trials. DATA’s Field Trial counters fit comfortably into the research environment, interfacing easily with peripheral devices such as barcode scanners, scales, and label printers.

DATA’s seed counting machine S-JR can quickly and accurately count seeds as small as 0.7mm, ensuring precise control across a wide variety of field trial procedures.

DATA’s seed counting machine S-JR key benefits include:

• Very compact and fits into any lab space
• Can be used to calculate thousand seed weight (TSW)
• Compatible with Seikolabel printer
• Performs perfect 100 counts for germination tests
• Frees up labor for other tasks
• User-friendly interface and simple to operate
• Low-maintenance, easy to clean

-Delivers 100% accuracy
-Counting speed up to 3,000 seeds per minute
-Bluetooth connectivity
-Counting range 0.7 to 4 mm
-Counts a pre-set number of seeds
-Results can be transferred to PC software, Excel spreadsheets or proprietary software

-Voltage: 115/240 VAC, 1-phase
-Frequency: 50/60 Hz
-Power consumption: 22 W
-Circuit breaker rate: Minimum 10A slow-blow
-Dimensions: 21x21x20 cm
-Weight: 5 kg