wind speed weather station / precipitation / temperature / relative humidity



  • Measured value:

    wind speed, precipitation, temperature, relative humidity

  • Power source:


  • Other characteristics:

    with data logger


Integrate Climate Variables
Account for environmental variables with simple, accurate, plug-and-log sensors.
Get Local Weather
Measure weather data where you are, not 5 miles away at the Met tower, so that you can measure environmental variation on an ecologically relevant scale.
Upgrade to the Em50G or Em50G Solar to add weather data to a wireless network.
- High Resolution Rain Gauge: Measures precipitation with 0.2 mm resolution.
- Solar Radiation Sensor: Completely submersible for extended outdoor use.
- Davis Cup Anemometer: Vector averaging for highly accurate wind speed and direction data.
- Leaf Wetness Sensor: Predict plant disease by knowing duration of leaf wetness.
- Temperature/Relative Humidity Sensor: Includes radiation shield.
- Em50 Data Logger: Plug in the sensors, set time and measurement intervals, and start logging data. No programming necessary.