early rape seed / phoma resistant / hybrid / medium plant height



  • Maturity :


  • Disease resistance:

    phoma resistant

  • Other characteristics:

    hybrid, medium plants height, shatterring resistant


-“DK Expedient is a restored hybrid selected as a Recommended List candidate for the East West region. It is capable of very high yields with very high oil content. It features pod shatter resistance, double phoma resistance, relatively short plant height and very rapid autumn and spring development along with extremely early maturity.”

Double Phoma Resistance

"The combination of the RLM7 gene and Polygenic resistance provides durable protection against Phoma and outstanding resistance to the yield damaging stem canker."

Vigorous Establishment

The ability to establish robust, well rooted plants that are best able to cope with challenging UK conditions.

Early Spring Regrowth

Early restart to growth after winter to help with escape from insects and pests.

Pod Shatter Resistance

Genetic resistance that minimises yield loss and volunteer issues caused by seed-shedding up to, and during, harvest.

Rapid Autumn Development

Autumn development that suits a wide range of drilling dates including later drilling in good conditions

Early Maturity

Increases options to manage harvest workload on farm, particularly when in conjunction with pod shatter resistance.

-Rapid Autumn growth habit – suitable for drilling up to mid September
-Seed rate should target an even plant stand of 25-30 plants/m2 in spring
-Double phoma resistance means phoma leaf spot thresholds for treatment may not be met until later in the autumn if at all.
-Light Leaf Spot should be monitored and treated as required.