V-shaped snow plow / with hydraulic adjustment
VP-2,3, DP-2,3



  • Form:


  • Other characteristic:

    with hydraulic adjustment

  • Blade width:

    Max.: 2,300 mm

    Min.: 2,010 mm


Estre snowplows for pick-up trucks are devices with a strong construction and reliable components to perform snow control operations effectively.

Our product range includes both V-shaped or diagonal snowplows for pick-up trucks. V-shaped joint plow has 2 shares and the equipment including a diagonal valve that enables the operator to move both plow shares together or independently. Floating system enables to cope with the varying road surface. To switch off floating system, the plow is fixed stiffly for position. The pick-up truck plow is fixed to the frame and frame is fixed to the car model based adapter. Fixing adapter to the car is drilling free. Pick-up truck plow you can operate remotely. Automatic reverse system lifting plow up when you switched off reverse.