silage tube baler
EB 310 LG

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silage tube baler silage tube baler - EB 310 LG


Haylage baler EB 310 LG is currently the most demanded machine from all offered models. It is popular namely thanks to several basic characteristics, such as its transport speed and stability during transport, high power and even filling of the bag, speed and comfort during the machine preparation for bagging and last but not least, massive structure and technical design.

The user can choose from two sizes of tunnels - a smaller combination of 2.4 + 2.7m tunnels or larger with 2.7 + 3.0m tunnels The tunnels are extended to eliminate bumps in the bag. Haylage press EB 310 LG is highly technologically advanced and uses state-of-the-art accessories. The hydraulic system is adapted for LOAD SENSING with tractor fuel saving.

From road directly to the bag
The machine is connected to the tractor on the side of the control platform. Thanks to the new QUICK system the tractor is permanently connected to the machine, both during transport and during bagging, without having to disconnect the tractor during preparation of the machine for bagging. This system makes the bagging preparation significantly faster and easier, which is mostly appreciated by service companies that change the bag location practically every day Backing up to the bag is fast and easy by a skilled tractor driver who gradually drives to the bag and turns the machine to an angle of 90° towards the tractor. Front and rear wheels are turned remotely using a remote control. The speed of turning is controlled proportionally on the joystick. When the machine is turned exactly at an angle of 90°, a signalization light will turn on and the operating staff may secure the machine by a stub - also on the remote control.