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EM Qube



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EM QUBE is a breakthrough system for automatic feeding of dairy cattle with TMR feed. The device definitely exceeds any previous projects with its functionality. This is the first such concept on the world market.

Automation of feeding is the future of agriculture. EM QUBE is a response to the requirements of a modern farm. It is a self-propelled, fully automated device that allows full control using a computer or mobile device with access to the Internet. The robot is electrically driven, loads, mixes, doses and distributes fodder according to a strictly defined recipe. What's more, it allows the division of all animals in the cowshed into nutritional groups, where each can have a fixed individual composition of the TMR feed. The compactness of the device eliminates the need for wide corridors or high passages. In traditional feeding systems, the animals move the food away from each other, which means that at some point the food is out of reach. Fodder loses its taste and freshness. EM QUBE eliminates this problem and provides an excellent solution: a centrally located auger moves food towards the cows and aerates it. The new EUROMILK robot is also an ideal proposition for farms with more than 200 cows - one loading tower can work with two EM QUBE robots. This is an extremely simple concept: while one device feeds the animals, the other robot works with the loading cutter and prepares food. After some time, a change takes place and the dump truck is connected to the module, and the feed is fed by animals.