mounted mulcher / hammer / PTO-driven / forestry
UMH/S, UMH/S/HP Series



  • Type:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristic:

    PTO-driven, forestry

  • Cutting width:

    2,320 mm, 2,560 mm

  • Tractor power:

    Min.: 240 ch (240 hp)

    Max.: 450 ch (450 hp)


Forestry mulcher with fixed teeth rotor for tractors between 240 and 500 HP.
The UMH is FAE’s top of the line tractor mounted forestry mulcher. It is rated for trees up to 40cm/16" diameter and is designed to work with high horsepower tractors.
The hydrodynamic joints and the new Spike Pro counter-blades guarantee optimal performance and productivity. The ergonomics of the new, fully enclosed double layer “dustproof” frame is designed for maximum safety of the work and the operator. Finally, the large diameter of the rotor and the NEW Spike Pro counter-blades provide excellent homogenous shredding results.
Backed by FAE’s unparalleled engineering expertise, UMH/S/HP is built to last and delivers the maximum return on your investment.