mounted mulcher / hammer / hydraulic
UML/HY/RW Series



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  • Cutting width:

    1,340 mm, 1,580 mm


Forestry mulcher for excavators or special machines, with fixed tooth rotor (UML) or with swinging hammers rotor (FML) having a weight between from 6 to 10 t.
Mulcher especially designed to use with rail vehicles or other special means, developed to meet the needs of professionals who must maintain areas along the embankments of the railway lines. The reduced weight and the adopted design solutions, such as the special particular light frame and the oversized rotor which is equipped with fixed hammers, allow the operator to grind twigs, branches, bushes and trees up to about 12 cm/5'' in diameter, even in the presence of stones which are often present at the sides of the tracks and hardly visible during machining.

The standard equipment includes:

enclosed machine body
belt transmission
Hydraulic piston motor 63cc with relief and anticavitation valve (29 - 40 GPM)
hydraulic rear hood
welded counter blade
motor integrated into the frame