mounted mulcher / hammer / hydraulic / PTO-driven
140U Series



  • Type:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristic:

    hydraulic, PTO-driven, forestry

  • Cutting width:

    1,340 mm, 1,470 mm, 1,580 mm, 2,060 mm, 2,300 mm


Forestry mulcher for special built hydraulic or PTO driven Prime Movers with power range between 100 and 220 HP.
Entry level model in the heavy duty forestry mulcher range for professional applications
Compact and robust, it is designed for carriers with mid to high horsepower. It is the ideal solution for narrow rights-of-way.
Custom Made for the customer's specific needs.
The model is available for OEM manufacturers and customers with different custom options such as guide frame, hydraulic motor or gear box, skids, hydraulic mulching door, rotor type and attachment brackets.
The Variable Torque Motor version (VT) guarantees the highest performance and productivity.
Multiple tooth options make the unit versatile and suitable for various applications.