PTO-driven spader
PANDA Series

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PTO-driven spader PTO-driven spader - PANDA Series


  • Other characteristic:


  • Width:

    997 mm, 1,307 mm, 1,477 mm (39 in)

  • Engine power:

    Max.: 35 ch (35 hp)

    Min.: 20 ch (20 hp)


1. The work of the “mechanical DIGGING MACHINE” is the same as “old hand
digging”: penetration, tear, throwing.
2. The DIGGING MACHINE does not cause the formation of a smooth, compact
ed and impermeable layer as with ploughing. It leaves the ground broken,
friable and permeable.
3. Fertility of soil is improved with the DIGGING MACHINE because organic or
chemical fertilizer is more fully mixed in the soil; because it encourages the
decomposition of harvest residuals; because it assures better oxygenation of
all the worked soil; because it improves the population of micro-organisms,
indispensable to the transformation of organic substances.
4. The physical-chemical structure of the soil is improved with the DIGGING
MACHINE so that yields increase.
5. The motion of the components of the DIGGING MACHINE giving penetra-
tion, tear, throwing allows working in the most difficult soils and in the most
arduous conditions. Its use is possible in very wet soils. Without smearing, the DIGGING MACHINE is the only implement that
allows working wet soil - even when water covers the surface. It is also ideal for working hard, dry soils to form ideal size clods -
much smaller than those left by ploughing, so allowing easier following soil preparation ready for sowing.
6. Using the DIGGING MACHINE, working times are reduced, less wear and tear on the tractor. The DIGGING MACHINE requires no
effort of traction so eliminating slip of the tractor wheels. Less horsepower is required. A 80 HP tractor for example can operate
up to 3 meters width.

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