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antibacterial feed additive / antioxidant / cattle / sheep

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antibacterial feed additive / antioxidant / cattle / sheep antibacterial feed additive / antioxidant / cattle / sheep - Oregano


  • Type:

    antibacterial, antioxidant

  • Animal type:

    cattle, sheep, goat, for horses

  • Form:



For many years, antibiotics have been used on animals as an appetizer and as protection against diseases. However, the use of antibiotics in feeds has been banned, as it has increased bacterial resistance and has left residues in animal foods. Following the ban of the use of antibiotics, attention has been turned to natural essential antibiotic-effective essential oils.
The most effective of these is oregano oil. 85% of the world’s Oregano oil production is made in Turkey. The only reason for this is that Oregano grown in the Aegean region contains high carvacrol and tymol active ingredients.

Bactericidal effect: Unfortunately, 90% of the studies made on Izmir’s oregano were preformed outside of Turkey. According to the results of scientific researches, even if taken at low doses (200 mg per day for humans), it’s very effective on bacteria. Essential oils obtained from Izmir Oregano show the bactericidal effect same as antibiotics, by breaking down the bacterial cell wall, opening the holes and leaking in the ions. Thus, bacterial ATP synthesis is inhibited and bacteria that don’t produce energy die.
Oregano essential oil has been shown to be effective against the following bacteria.