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cow mover

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cow mover cow mover


The crowd gate is a metal gate which divides groups of cows in the holding pen before milking. It gently pushes the cows towards the milking parlour. The gate is driven by pressure air.
After the gate arrives to the milking parlour and the last cow enters the milking parlour, the gate operator, with the help of pressurized air, lifts the gate and move it over the heads of the other waiting group of cows to the beginning of the collecting yard, where he again draws it back to the ground.
Only the gate operator or the parlour operator can control the gate. The crowd gate, together with the sloping floor of the holding pen, decreases the labour demand in the stable, speeds up the movement of cows into the milking parlour, and, with its gentle handling, significantly decreases stress during the milking process.
We also offer crowd gate with manure removal function.