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nuts shelling machine nuts shelling machine - WAL MAN SMALL


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The “WAL MAN SMALL” is a manually operated, simple, inexpensive and fully automated hand-operated cracking machine (Nut-Cracker) with a high cracking efficiency. The design is based on two plates. One rotates while the other can be adjusted in all directions. The “WAL MAN” is best suited for households with few trees. Because of the long lever cracking is done with minimum effort.

Cracking performance is up to 15kg per hour for nuts with an average size between 10 and 50mm (walnuts, pecan nuts, acorns, chestnuts).
Cracking results for walnuts will be up to 90% after the first cracking
Easy handling and maintenance
Can be used as a standalone on a table
Adjustable intake for different types of nuts
The cracking machine Prof is a tool to crack walnuts and hazelnuts. For your own protection you should wear safety googles and gloves when operating the hand-cracking machine. Tip: You will get the best cracking results, if you:


Sort your walnuts for example into the following sizes

Up to 28 mm in diameteris
Up to 32 mm in diameter
Bigger than 32mm in diameter
and adjust the intake plate in a conical shape