beet cleaner-loader / mounted
BRS Series

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beet cleaner-loader / mounted beet cleaner-loader / mounted - BRS Series


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In order to increase milk production, a good option is to add feed beets to the ration. Feed beets stimulate the dry matter absorption from silage and the sugars from the beets provide a lot of energy and ensure a good rumen fermentation.
To make the absorption by the livestock more efficient and palatable, the beets must be cleaned and cut.
By means of the BRS, the beets are simply cleaned and cut. Then you can unload it directly in front of the cattle or in a mixer wagon. It is also possible to choose to ensile the beets together with the maize.
With one double acting hydraulic function, you can clean and cut. for faster and improved cleaning, water sprayers can be mounted.
The bin at the bottom of the machine ensures that no sand or other dirt gets on your yard or on the feed passage.