water analyzer / fruit / nitrogen / leaf

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water analyzer / fruit / nitrogen / leaf water analyzer / fruit / nitrogen / leaf - MULTIPLEX


  • Analyzed product:

    water, fruit, nitrogen, leaf

  • Measured value:

    anthocyanin, photosynthesis, chlorophyll

  • Configuration:

    portable, real-time

  • Other characteristics:

    with GPS logging


The MULTIPLEX RESEARCH™ sensor is a portable field fluorometer.
This sensor does instant and non-destructive measurements of the chlorophyll and the polyphenols (anthocyanin, flavonols) in leaves and fruits.
It is used in the field as well as in the laboratory.
The MULTIPLEX RESEARCH™ comes with an internal GPS whose aim is to geolocalize blocks and do the mapping of crop constituants.
The calculated indices are :
ANTH, anthocyanin index ;
SFR (Simple Fluorescence Ratio), chlorophyll index ;
FLAV, flavonol index ;
NBI (Nitrogen Balance Index), nitrogen deficiency marker.
This optical sensor is used for various applications, specifically for ecophysiology:
Physiological studies ;
Genetic studies ;
Plant phenology studies ;
Plant selection ;
Phenotyping ;
For any study that needs knowledge of the chlorophyll index:
Nutritional chlorosis ;
Disease-induced chlorosis ;
Potential photosynthesis ;
Leaf senescence.
The flavonols index:
UV protection;
Leaf light environment;
Phenolics accumulation.
The anthocyanin index:
Temperature stress ;
Environment light ;
Leaf senescence ;
Mutant selection.
In addition to these measurements, the MULTIPLEX RESEARCH™ also calculates in real time:
The NBI (Nitrogen Balance Index), index of crop nitrogen nutrition estimation ;
The BRR (Blue-to-Red fluorescence Ratio), index of crop water stress ;
The index of red grape maturation.
The MULTIPLEX RESEARCH™ is set to have 3 standard configurations. Each of these configurations is adapted to a kind of sample and environment: leaf, fruit, in the field, into the greenhouse. It is possible tohave a 4th configuration especially designed for the user needs.