4-row precision seed drill / 2-row / 1-row / tractor-mounted



  • Number of rows:

    4-row, 2-row, 1-row

  • Other characteristics:

    tractor-mounted, trailed, 3-point hitch, with fertilizer applicator, compact, depth control, double-disc, for direct sowing

  • Working width:

    Max.: 30 in

    Min.: 20 in


SMART series Potato planter is designed for planting of potatoes of other tubers or bulbs, whole or cut in medium and big farms. Potato planters are operated by lower to medium duty horse power tractors.

Smart series potato planter is made of medium duty frame structure which prevents interruption of machine operation of planting on larger areas irrespective of soil types. An advance planting mechanism ensure high planting speed with good accuracy and allow gentle handling of the seed potatoes.

- The size and weight of the machines make more compact for smaller horse power tractor and allows smooth turn around in the field during operation.
- The inclination and quality of the belt permit to work on uneven or hilly ground with medium slope.
- The hopper is equipped with a rubberized canvas, which prevent a massive loading of potato seed on the belt.
- Reduction cups are provided in different sizes to suit potatoes taking on belt.
- Joint less high quality rubber belt provided to ensure longer life of potato planting without any maintenance.
- The mechanical vibrator situated behind the belt, gives a regular and constant vibration, which prevent the loading of more tubers on one cup.
- The adjustable furrow ridger opener share with its particular shapes makes a uniform furrow at a desired depth.
- The planting tunnel is provided with inspection window to inspect the continuous flow of potatoes into the belt.
- The superior pulley with spline design and materials supported by two compression springs on both side, allows greater and continuous adherence to the conveyor belt by eliminating skidding which would cause failed areas of sowing.