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agricultural mobile app / management / analysis / monitoring
ag | knowledge



  • Applications:


  • Function:

    management, monitoring, analysis, mapping


for decision makers in agriculture

ag | knowledge is:
- for integration into ICT systems
- satellite based field monitoring
- simple and easy to understand
- with global coverage

-More than 300 million ha arable land
-Used in more than 30 countries
-Easy integration of REST API

Basic Information
like true color images, plant vitality or variability within fields...

Compare Parcels
Monitor and compare crop development on different fields or different years...

Time Series
We provide historic and up-to-date information from different remote sensing systems, so that you can keep track of what is happening on your field...

Advanced Analytics
-Management zones
-Statistical parameters
-Vegetation indices
-Historical information
-Sensor values
-Crop Health

ag|knowledge provides automated extraction of phenology parameters:
-Start of Season
-Peak of Season
-End of Season
-Duration of Season
-Crop growth stages
-Crop growth rate

Cutting edge techniques from your remote sensing experts
-Automatic notifications based on big data techniques
-New crop parameters that enable precision farming
-Optical and radar information from Copernicus Sentinel data
-More data even in cloudy situations through the use of completely new techniques