5-shank subsoiler / 7-shank / 3-shank / 9-shank

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5-shank subsoiler / 7-shank / 3-shank / 9-shank 5-shank subsoiler / 7-shank / 3-shank / 9-shank


  • Number of shanks:

    5-shank, 7-shank, 3-shank, 9-shank, 2-shank

  • Other characteristic:

    3-point hitch

  • Working width:

    Min.: 2 m (6'06")

    Max.: 7 m (22'11")


HE-VA Sub-Tiller is a solid subsoiler and the special V-shape design reduces the power requirement and therefore, you get the chance to increase the working width of the machine, if needed.
Sub-Tiller can easily be adjusted to local conditions and is designed so that the distance between the tines can be altered and you will be able to remove redundant tines when for example subsoiling wheel tracks.

It is able to subsoil to a maximum of 600 mm down and the tines come standard with 200 mm wing shares that lift and loosen the soil in the chosen working depth. The design of each tine prevents the Sub-Tiller from bringing stones and unwanted clods to the surface.