horticulture production line with seeder / automatic



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    with seeder

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Automatic Seeding System

Secure a high productivity of 400 sheets per hour(based on 128 holes)
Precise seeding applying control apparatus of seed sowing
Completely prepared a prevention function of clogging of seeding needle
Fill up uniform bed soil of the method of pressing, tamping and cutting
Installed equipment of controlling dust scattering of covering soil

01. Mixer of Medium / MX-1000L
Use & features
It has the functions of uniformly mixing perlite, vermiculite etc on light medium, optimizing humidity of medium before seeding in parallel with irrigation during mixing and discharging automatically the mixing finished medium.
Effect of use
As air permeability, water retention & uniformity are directly connected with uniform raising of seedling, it is recommended to go through mixer of medium before seeding.

02. Filler of Medium / FL-300W
Use & features
It can contain all kinds of compounded medium in a tray. It can not only contain medium in the whole cells of tray evenly, but also cut as deeply as wanted.
Effect of use
If containing medium manually, it can’t avoid unevenness of the middle part and edge part. This is a disadvantage that can’t be corrected during a raising of seedling period. 3-step functions of scattering widely on the tray and shaking by vibration in the bottom and sweeping the surface at the exit as deeply as wanted guarantee uniform filling