spinach harvester / baby leaf / parsley / self-propelled

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spinach harvester / baby leaf / parsley / self-propelled spinach harvester / baby leaf / parsley / self-propelled - SLIDE TRAX SMALL


  • Crop type:

    spinach, baby leaf, parsley

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SLIDE TW is a self – propelled harvesting machine for baby leaf i. e.: spinach, leaf beet, rocket, parsley mounted on steel caterpillar tracks from 20 cm x 180 cm. Available with KUBOTA 35 HP engine, SLIDE TW can be equipped with several accessories for the product processing. The product can be put into boxes that are then stocked on a pallet put on the soil through a fork – lift truck mounted on the back of the machine. Or in the case of some kind of vegetables (i. e.: spinach), they can be unloaded through a lateral belt into a trailer or something like this, or, like in the case of parsley, they can be harvested and forwarded till the processing belt through some driving belts. What makes SLIDE TW innovative in the market are some technical features that underline its high quality and performance: i. e. automatic pilot (nobody has to drive the machine during the work); electro hydraulic sensors that guarantee for a perfect cut of the product it does not matter the speed you drive, cutting bar with new self – centring system for a better life of the blade; stronger frame; stainless steel belt support; cutting belt turning on self – centring pulleys covered by rubber that guarantee for a better liability and life of the blade; cutting system with single blade; hydraulic cutting height device in the panel control with level indicator; hydraulic belt movement