cattle squeeze chute / with weighing system



  • Animal type:

    for cattle

  • Other characteristics:

    with weighing system


IAE’s M1000 Squeeze crush has all the features of the M1000 Professional Range cattle crush but with the addition of squeeze sides.

With over 25 years experience in manufacturing cattle crushes we know our new M1000 squeeze crush has many unique features, is easy to use and we believe probably the best available in today’s market place.

Speed and ease of use

For speedy setting and releasing of the squeeze mechanism the IAE “vari-lock” system excels, taking principles applied in our flagship manual yoke, this system allows the panels to be placed (and automatically locked) in any infinitely variable position within the operating range. (Full crush width 738mm to a minimum of 260mm).

Quick Release

The panels are returned to the open position thanks to a simple lever that activates the spring loaded return mechanism, quickly and quietly allowing the animal to be released.

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