rubber floor mat / for cow breeding / for farm buildings
N20 Comfort Studded Roll



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    for cow breeding, for farm buildings


The N20 comfort studded roll is a very popular Huber Technik product. Made from 100% rubber compound, N20 is supplied complete on a full roll to fit on site. The roll is made from 15mm rubber “bungs” and a 5mm solid rubber top. This allows for great compression when the cow kneels down, offering better comfort than a solid rubber mat. The 100% rubber compound has never been vulcanised before meaning super longevity.

Features include

Bung system – shock absorbing design provides comfort for cow when lying down
Liquid can freely run underneath and away from the bed
Unique soft feel of profiled top with honeycomb finish on bed of rubber studs gives stability and comfort
Fabric interlining for strength
Regressive 10 year warranty
Cut to length for your runs, no joins, greater cleanliness and simple DIY installation
Supplied with 1(No) M8 x 80mm stainless steel coach screw per cow space
Available in 1.7m and 1.85m bed widths up to 50m rolls
Rubber mats combined with a brisket board or rail promote the optimum lying position of the cow, reducing bed soiling and increasing hygiene.

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