automatic fertilizer injector

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automatic fertilizer injector automatic fertilizer injector


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Fertirrigation Fertirrigation is a technique through which irrigation is combined with fertilisation. Especially in modern micro-irrigation systems (e.g. drip irrigation, above-ground irrigation, drip sub-irrigation or spray irrigation), mixing water with fertilisers and distributing them via the irrigation system has a number of benefits, such as: • Reduced costs: no need to apply fertilisers manually or mechanically; • Better distribution: thanks to the micro-irrigation systems, fertilisers are distributed in a more uniform and targeted way; it is also possible to dose quantities more precisely; • Better nourishing: the nourishing ratio is adjusted according to the crop needs, which in turn vary depending on the various phenologic phases; nourishing is obtained by distributing repeatedly smaller quantities of water, which plants are better able to absorb. • Increased environmental protection: being more effective, fertirrigation systems reduce dramatically the quantities of fertiliser that are not absorbed by the plants, thereby preventing possible water pollution (due to overland flow) and groundwater pollution (due to leaching).