chaser bin / 2-axle / grain / 24 ton
55, S, SB, SD Series



  • Construction:

    chaser bin

  • Number of axles:


  • Application:


  • Payload:

    24 ton, 16 ton


The new 55 Series Gravity Wagons feature a sump tank design with steeper end slopes (up to 42 degrees) and back slopes (up to 33 degrees) for maximum cleanout, even in higher moisture grains.
The extra wide 60” door provides fast unloading, while the oversized door wheel with heavy-duty gear reduction door opener makes opening and closing effortless and easily accessible from either side of the door. Extra large inspection windows provide maximum visibility into the tank while the deluxe LED lights provide maximum visibility during road transport.
Designed with oversized sleeved spindles and oil-bath hubs, the 16 Ton Running Gear and the 24 Ton Running Gear with cushion tongue, dual lift spring and optional hydraulic drum brakes ensure maximum performance. Rubber mounted absorbers between the box and gear reduce noise during transport, while the pull-through rear tongue protects the wagon from wear and tear while towing multiple units at a time.