trailed sprayer / folding arms
Advance 3000 AM18

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trailed sprayer trailed sprayer - Advance 3000 AM18


  • Mobility:


  • Other characteristics:

    folding arms

  • Capacity:

    3,000 l (792.5 gal)

  • Working width:

    18 m (59'00")


Designed for farmers seeking spraying efficiency. With high technology, it allows long and uninterrupted working hours and provides savings and productivity.

The air stream produced by the Vortex system enhances droplet penetration and distribution on both leaf surfaces what improves the efficiency and distribution of agrochemical applications in crops.

The Vortex system allows low-volume applications what promotes greater daily production as smaller number of refills is required.

The air curtain reduces drift, protects both the operator and the environment and allows spraying in windy days. Therefore, sprayer can work for longer periods and productivity can be increased.